2.Grandmother's Problem There was once a grandmother livin

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2.Grandmother's Problem    There was once a grandmother living in her grandson's house.The man loved (46)Dgrandmother very much.However,she had some strange habits,so the man thought she needed medical help.
Perhaps,he thought,it was time for her to  (47)A  the rest of her life in a special hospital.
     I'd like you to examine my grandmother,"he told a doctor,"then let me know (48)Byou
think she needs special care."
"All right,"the doctor said,"send her to me next Tuesday."Tuesday came and the old woman went
to see the doctor.She    (49)A  in front of him and he asked her lots of questions.She 
answered them all,and the doctor was  (50)B.
"There's  (51)C with this woman,"he thought."I don't understand why her grandson has
 sent her to me.Perhaps he's the one  (52)A   needs special care."
    He decided to ask her one last question."Why do you think,"he asked her,"your grandson
 wants you  (53)D  special care?"
"I like hamburgers,"she said.The doctor laughed."I like hamburgers,too!"
"You (54)C?"the old woman said,"I'm so glad.Then you must come to my house and
 have a hamburger   (55)C  me.I've got boxes and boxes of them in my bedroom."

51.A.something wrongB.wrong somethingC.nothing wrongD.wrong nothing
53.A.havingB.haveC.hadD.to have

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